Parish Life Minister

Rev. James C. (Jim) Compton, Jr.

Jim’s education involves a degree from Lynchburg College, and attended Lexington Seminary for two years. He received a degree from Union/PSCE in Richmond and Clinical Pastoral Education (Basic Unit) through Mental Health Services in Roanoke. Jim taught in Public Schools mostly as a Biology teacher. He was a substance abuse counselor for 5 years working with Mental Health Services Alcohol Services in Roanoke for four years and at Pathways of Virginia Baptist Hospital for one year. Jim was ordained in 1957 and has served many congregations as Minister since 1956, in Virginia, Kentucky and Florida (as Associate Minister in Miami).  In 1996 he retired from Crewe Christian Church after eleven years of service.  Since that time, he has served as Interim Minister to Snow Creek Christian Church (3 times), Bedford Christian Church (3 times); Boones Mill Christian Church (2 times); Doe Run Christian Church; First Christian Church, Galax, VA; Memorial Christian Church; Belmont Christian Church.  Outside of the local congregations he has served the Region as Chair of the Craig Springs Camp and Conference Committee, chair of the Regional Personnel Committee; Chair of the Regional Evangelism Committee, the Commissioned Ministry Task Force, Chair of the Nottaway FEMA Food and Housing Committee; Chairmen of the District Information and referral committee; Chair of the Richmond Regional Information and referral Committee. He is currently living in retirement with his wife Nancy Compton, and they just celebrated their 34th anniversary! They are a blended family and have a total of 7 children,  16 grand children, and 8 great grand children.