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Faithful, Authentic, Family.

Our congregation has had a long history in Bedford, Virginia. Once a town church, rooted on the corner of North Bridge Street and Bedford Avenue, we replanted ourselves atop a beautiful hill just south of town. This move has allowed us to extend our arms and hearts, welcoming you to our church home. In good times, we join together to celebrate with joy. In times of uncertainty, we come together to find strength and comfort in each other’s arms. What better place than Bedford Christian Church to make us all feel at home? Whether you’re sporting your Sunday best, or just rolled out of bed, we invite you as you are. We welcome you to our church home and into our hearts as we seek to deepen our spiritual roots with a purpose-filled life.

Our Denomination

As a church in covenant relationship with the wider Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we celebrate diversity of thought, yet with the ultimate goal of unity. Our spiritual ancestors were fond of saying, we seek “unity, not uniformity.” We are, therefore, accepting, diverse, and welcoming of all. We come together as one, not only to hear God’s Word, but to live it.

Ways To Worship

We know it’s not always easy to make time to attend church. It’s too early, you haven’t found “the perfect church,” your children will be too loud or you just don’t want to go. We’ve all been there. In this age of technology, we make it easy to attend. Whether virtually from the comfort of your couch, or a variety of in-person services and fellowship opportunities, we’re here and ready to worship with you. 

About Us

Bedford Christian Church dates back to 1902 when a few families gathered at the old Saunders warehouse on Washington Street in the Town of Bedford, VA. In 1904, a one-room frame building was erected on West Main Street. It wasn’t until twenty years later, in 1924, that the W.R. Saunders children purchased the Episcopal Church building on North Bridge Street (now home to Bedford’s Bower Center for the Arts) to serve as its house of worship. Fast-forward to June of 2005, we packed up our church home, and moved to our current site outside of town.

Our congregation has seen many generations grow within our walls. We have nurtured members from birth until their last days. We have welcomed strangers and brought them into our church home lovingly, and without judgment. Stern like grandpa, instilling values to live by; yet sweet like grandma, filled with soft-spoken understanding: that is Bedford Christian Church. It’s not just a building, not just a row of chairs, but an experience; one where the congregation wraps you in its arms while pointing to the guiding light to hope. It is a church with a melting pot of wisdom, ready to help heal your wounds and celebrate your every success – not with grand gestures and over-the-top displays, but through the simplest of actions of comfort and praise. We welcome you.

Community Giving

Our congregation has been called to serve the Bedford community through a variety of acts of service. Whether it is giving our individual time, making financial donations to important ministries, or even sharing the roof over our heads, Bedford Christian Church and its members continually answer the call to provide.

Contact Us

1928 Moneta Road
Bedford, VA

(540) 586-8765