Our Denomination

What We Believe

Freedom of Belief + Diversity of Opinion

We are a congregation of long-time believers as well as those with eyes-newly-opened to God. Our church gives space for the opportunity to question, explore, and discover the Word of God in a loving environment. We are called to study and read scripture for ourselves, to think critically, and interpret the word as it was written.

Ministry of All Believers

It is not only the responsibility of the pastor of the church to spread the Word of God. As a congregation, we are called to live as God calls us to. We may preach to others about the way of God, but we too must live it. In a time filled with social media connecting us to the entire world, words and ideas spread like wildfire. We believe, therefore, it is the responsibility of the church to create a ministry of believers that not only shares God’s word, but lives it every day.

Unity In The Church

There is room at our table. Whether there is agreement or not, we are called by Christ to make room. Disciples of Christ are called in unity to bring about wholeness – healing and justice – in the world. We partner not only with other Disciples of Christ churches, but with Christian denominations as a whole to develop relationships and promote Christian Unity. Just as Christ welcomed us, we welcome you.

How We Prepare


We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every time we gather to worship. We do so in believing that eating and drinking the bread and cup of life is a gift for all followers of Jesus Christ. Whether you’re a member or visiting, baptized or not, we invite you to join us as we partake. As the Lord gave himself for all, so too is his table open for all.


Baptism is a public act which symbolizes a new life of trust in God and discipleship in Christ. We as Disciples of Christ typically baptize by immersion, but we honor other baptism traditions as well.

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1928 Moneta Road
Bedford, VA

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