About Us

Senior Minister: Dr. David Walton

Dr. David Walton began his ministry with Bedford Christian Church in August of 2018, but having been in ministry over 25 years, has served churches in both Virginia and Florida. As the grandson and great grandson of ordained ministers, and baptized as a teenager, he has always felt close to God. He always felt that being a minister of the gospel shouldn’t be a sought after career, rather something only undertaken after a clear call from God. He received such a call in January of 1996…a whisper upon his heart that he had a ministry. That was the beginning of a lifelong journey and passion, not only for the gospel of Jesus Christ, but to share it with the world.

When asked what his favorite part about serving Bedford Christian Church is, he responded: “I’ve been blessed to serve churches in a variety of settings… Each one was a rich experience filled with wonderful people and unique ministries. Now I have the honor of serving a church in the country, and what a delight it is! I love the family-feel of our church, yet with a heart to grow. BCC is a unique combination of tradition of the past, yet with visions for the future. It is truly a place where people can connect with God, and the people of God in meaningful ways. That brings me a great deal of joy.”

Parish Life Minister: Rev. Jim Compton

Jim obtained a degree from Lynchburg College, and attended Lexington Seminary for two years. He moved on to receive a degree from Union/PSCE in Richmond and Clinical Pastoral Education through Mental Health Services in Roanoke. After working as a Biology Teacher in public school, he moved on to become a substance abuse counselor working with Mental Health Services Alcohol Services in Roanoke and at Pathways of Virginia Baptist Hospital. Jim was ordained in 1957 and has served many congregations as Minister since 1956. In 1996 he retired from Crewe Christian Church after eleven years of service. Since that time, he has served as Interim Minister to a multitude of church families. Outside of the local congregations he has served the Region as Chair of the Craig Springs Camp and Conference Committee, chair of the Regional Personnel Committee, Chair of the Regional Evangelism Committee, the Commissioned Ministry Task Force, Chair of the Nottaway FEMA Food and Housing Committee, Chairman of the District Information and Referral Committee, as well as Chair of the Richmond Regional Information and Referral Committee. He is currently living in retirement with his wife Nancy Compton. They are a blended family and have a total of 7 children, 16 grand children, and 8 great grand children.

Music Minister: Joshua Lindevaldsen

As a congregation, we welcomed Joshua Lindevaldsen as our full time Music Minister in April of 2022. In addition to providing music during each of our services, he also leads our church choir.

Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries: Susan Epperly

Susan has been active in the life of the congregation for most of her adult life and has provided Children’s Sermons, Sunday School and Youth Events, the church’s Garden Ministry and more. In her new role, she’ll serve as a liaison to the HumanKind Preschool that meets in our building while at the same time organizing and implementing programming to meet the needs of young families in our church and Community.